Become a Miu Flower Instructor!!

Join the Miu Flower Instructorship course!

Instructorship Course:

There are two ways to become a Miu Flower Teacher:

  • Become a Direct Miu Flower Teacher and teach at a Miu Flower school location
  • Become an owner of an Miu Flower franchise school and establish your own branch school

In this Instructorship course, you will:

  • Earn 6 credits in each lesson (each lesson is 4 hours)
  • Learn all Miu methods and patterns
  • Receive individual design strengthening points
  • Be able to use the Miu Flower prepared curriculum
  • Receive school management 'know-how' and guidance

You can become an Instructor in as soon as 2 months if you take this course everyday. Others may take the course spread out within 1.5 year.

Instructor Course C $17,550


Would you like join our association?

Our association is a group that enjoys flower arrangement, crafts, preserved flowers and most inportantly sharing our creations with friends.

Let's make friends all around the world through preserved flowers, flower arrangement design and crafts!

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What are preserved flowers?

Perserved flowers are flowers that have been picked and treated to maintain their smooth, fresh-flower texture.

Preserved flowers are dyed in a specific color which maintains a natural-looking beauty. They keep your special memories alive.

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