What are preserved flowers?

'Preserved flowers' ....

...are flowers that have been picked at their most beautiful and ripest stage and then dipped in a non-toxic, drying compound that draws out their moisture preserving them and giving them long-lasting life.

The flowers are dyed in various colors and stay in excellent condition. Depending on the flower, color and display location and style they can last in perfect condition for up to 12 years.

Preserved flowers are different from freeze-dried flowers in that they maitain their smooth fresh texture. They are really just like fresh flowers except they will not decay!

They are perfect for that special occasion that you want to remember forever; weddings, graduations, proms, get well flowers, births...and they don't have any pollen making them perfect for anyone with allergies!

They don't retain any water making them a very light-weight and mess free bouquet.

We invite you to join this environmentally friendly and preserving new craft!


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What are preserved flowers?

Perserved flowers are flowers that have been picked and treated to maintain their smooth, fresh-flower texture.

Preserved flowers are dyed in a specific color which maintains a natural-looking beauty. They keep your special memories alive.

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